Exceptional customer service. I can’t say enough about the staff. The service they’ve provided to me and my business over the years has been the best. Always prompt and always professional...

Carl LaMastra
The LaMastra Group, P.C.
Royersford, PA




Baro Customer Service Team
Front row: Brooke Frech, Dispatcher
Middle row, left to right: Lori Brown, Billing and Accounts Receivable; Angie Groff, Administrative Assistant; and Michele Tupitza, Accounting
Back row, left to right: Tim Chronister, Land Application Coordinator; Joe Barthel, Sales

Officers & Employees
Stephen C. Baro, President
David Baro, Vice-President
Thomas Baro, Secretary
Anthony Baro, II, Treasurer
Jesse Baro, Former President & Equipment Operator
Joe Barthel, Salesman
Lori Brown, Accounts Receivable
James Calvario, Mechanic
Joe Chieffo, Mechanic
Tim Chronister, Land Application Coordinator
Brooke Frech, Dispatcher
Angie Groff, Administrative Assistant
Tommy Long, Mechanic
Kevin Meade, Mechanic
Michele Tupitza, Accounting
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